26 Feb 2018

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Despite the fact we were besieged by a late winter snow storm last week – the signs of spring are popping up everywhere. Now is the perfect time to get your spring cleaning game plan prepared. It’s an excellent opportunity to get things organized and start the season with a fresh clean slate. Below are some tips and tricks I’ve come across in my internet and Pinterest searching. Hopefully they will give you a little extra push as you prepare your plan.

Let It Go

In the much touted words of Elsa in Frozen, Let it go! As you start sorting through closets and cupboards as yourself Have you worn it or used it in the last year? Are you really going to wear it again? Do you think you really will ever use it? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s time to let go. If it is a more expensive item consider using a consignment service or retailer – sometimes getting a little bit of money for something makes it easier to part with it!

Check The Quality

When sorting through clothing and linens does it have holes, stains, or any visible signs of wear? Unless it’s an original that really makes a statement, a vintage item, or something with sentimental value, any worn out clothes should be donated or recycled.

One Use Wonder

Have you ever used it? This may sound silly, but I find that a lot of times people will hold onto things simply because they were gifts or an item used for very specific task. As you sort things really ask yourself if you will ever have use for it again. If you bought it for a specific task – and now can’t remember what that task was maybe you need to let it go.Again, if it’s in good shape and worth some money, consignment or sale through an internet site are a good option.

Check For Wear

Is it worn out, warped, or scratched? Unless it’s a prized family possession, anything that’s in bad shape should be recycled or thrown out.

Tech Purge

Do you really need to hold onto your old cell phone? Electronics can be tricky because people are usually reluctant to throw out older electronics, especially if they still contain personal information. I use the same approach here as anything else – when was the last time I used it? Is it something I replaced with a newer version? And be sure to weed through all those chargers, cords and cables – if you no longer have the device get rid of the accessories. If you are concerned about security or retrieval of data there are usually organizations that will take used electronics and either refurbish them for others to use or safely recycle them. Now days its pretty commonplace to easily migrate data from old phones or devices to new ones. Once successfully done consider donating the item to a responsible organization for disposal or refurbishment.

Reorganize Your Drawers

Take everything out of the space and clean it top to bottom, then add back in only the things you want to keep being sure to group like items or items used together close to each other.
Always put heavy items closest to the floor or bottom cabinets. Your items in the kitchen should be closest to the space where you use it. Get rid of anything you don’t use.

Don’t Wait

Don’t play the waiting game – Don’t keep clothes that you used to fit into, while waiting to lose weight. They will be outdated and your style will have most likely changed. If you have a newer item discard the old one – you’re not gaining anything by waiting for the old one to die.

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