Why People Choose Us

Jodi W.
 Steve at the Task at Hand has helped me as a professional organizer. I have had him do many different projects from organizing my basement to organizing the office. He will not just organize, but will help you build skills to keep it organized! I highly recommend his services!! 
Kim W.
 I was out of town longer than I expected and my friend couldn't get my dog to the boarding kennel. Steve made all the necessary arrangements, got the balance of her inoculations, picked up my dog and drove her to the kennel. He was very professional and knew how to handle the situation in a businesslike manner.  
Josh B.
 Steve and The Task At Hand has greatly improved my business's efficiency. He extremely competent in organization and as a virtual assistant, and very easy to work with. On the whole, he is able to take those tedious-but-necessary tasks off your plate so you can focus on what you enjoy about your business. I very much recommend Steve at the Task At Hand. 
J. Hyde
 When our dog sitter of more than a decade relocated, we were panicked. We needed someone who, when we were out of town, would stay at our home and care for our two big, boisterous, dogs. We tried a few friends of friends, but never felt confident enough in their skills or their love of dogs, to really relax. Then we heard about Steve, and now we can’t imagine a better person for the job. He handled the dogs beautifully, and they get very excited when he comes over. When we returned home, the house was spotless and the dogs were relaxed and happy. I would highly recommend this very competent, reliable, and caring individual.  
Carolyn J.
 When I needed to procure 30 floor lamps of a specific design for an art installation, I thought I would have to drive to Portland and back (more than 16 hours round trip!). Steve came to my rescue. He responded quickly to my email, negotiated with the store to procure the lamps and packaged them for the freight carrier. We were on a tight schedule for the show and he was on top of it and kept me posted every step of the way... and at a very reasonable cost. A huge help in making our show a success. Thanks Steve!  
Jessica C.
 Love, love, love Steve. Room by room, he has helped restore a sense of order to my house. He is worth his weight in gold! 
Doug C.
 I was overwhelmed at the thought of getting my home ready for sale and calling on Steve took a huge weight off of my shoulders. Even though I had done some preliminary prep he really made a difference on the next step....the point where I was just lost. He has such a strong sense for what needs to be done without me even needing to explain. Between some clever organizing and staging it really gave me the confidence to list my house for sale. With so many costs associated with selling a home I can definitely say that Steve's service was the most bang for my buck and I will continue to recommend his services to friends and family. 
Tyler F.
 At the drop of a hat, Steve and The Task At Hand have been able to help my family when we needed it most. Steve is reliable, trustworthy and cares about his clients...I would highly recommend Steve!  
Nathan L.
 Steve and Task At Hand are a go-to service for me. I can call him anytime, even hours before the job, and he will get the job done.  
Corrie W.
 Steve is patient and willing to work with you through whatever organizational challenge you are facing. He has been so kind to me and has helped me tremendously to regain some control of my own life through organization. 
Daniel G.
 I own a local business and finding time in between doing production jobs, answering phones, replying to emails, creating art proofs etc.. to straighten up the shop can be a difficult task. Well let me tell you! We had Steve with The Task at Hand come out to our shop to help us get organized and that is exactly what Steve did. Not only did the shop look amazing but just having a more organized environment helped to raise our teams spirits, it also helped us to become more efficient and productive. If your life is busy and you feel like you just don't have enough time in a day, it would be extremely wise to give Steve a call. I highly recommend The Task at Hand! 
Kim L.
 Steve is a great organizer and is not shy about diving right into the project. I can’t believe the transformation of my home after the few short weeks of 4hrs a day and a mountain of stuff to sort, box, discard, donate or stage for the photographer in listing my place for sale! Constantly moving, patiently supporting and taking all issues in consideration to accomplish my goals, I miss him already!  
Paul K.
 My basement will NEVER be the same. That's because Steve didn't just take over and do what he thought would work best. He took the time to truly understand what we had down there and how / when we would use it next. He helped us develop a system that our whole family could follow. As a result it's been almost two years and the basement is still as organized as the day he left. ( well... almost. 😉 It will NEVER be like it was when he arrived. That said, he didn't judge. We was able to get the job done and actually empowered us to own the mess and then own the solution. I'd recommend Steve to anyone looking to get their world organized. 
Tangee S.
 Steve has come to my rescue on several occasions. He has not only delivered baskets for me but he has taken my files and organized them for me. Then this past holiday season he was my virtual assistant by watching and responding to my emails and voicemails. He is a angel that can come and save you from whatever issue(s) you may have. 
Stacy N.
 Since moving out of state four years ago, I was no longer able to do the special birthday celebrations I've always enjoyed doing for my mother. I found The Task At Hand, told them what I wanted and they took care of everything! They even helped with selecting new places to go for that special birthday dessert and Flowers. I've been using The Task At Hand every year now and my mother thoroughly enjoys knowing Steve is coming to wish her a happy birthday too!  
Abigail S.
 As someone that struggles to organize my own brain, let alone my office - getting professional organizing help was incredible. Not only can my mind relax in a clean office, but he helped create a place for EVERYTHING, a system for keeping things from piling up - and it works! THANK YOU, STEVE! 
Ken K.
 Steve has worked on one project for us and to succeed the person needed much tenacity, ingenuity, and integrity. He certainly possesses all those characteristics and more which enabled him to succeed in assisting our company. Steve was very timely in his communication which was needed given that we conducted business between Oregon and British Columbia, and all transactions were fluid making for absolutely no trust issues. He is definitely our choice when requiring that "extra hand" needed to succeed with challenges that come our way.  
James O.
 Steve has been helping me "de-stuff" my house. He has a great eye for detail and has kept me going when it's been difficult. He helps me make hard decisions and supports my efforts to become more organized. I highly recommend his help!