What We Can Offer You

The Task At Hand restores people to a state of calm and provides a sense of accomplishment by creating order and structure for busy professionals and families. We do this by teaching our clients how to get organized and stay organized and through our variety of personal concierge services.

Being organized in the workplace helps with productivity and efficiency. Let us help you implement an effective system for yourself or your organization.
An organized home lets you spend more time doing what you want to do. We can help with everything from cleaning the garage to staging and decluttering your home for sale.
Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Let us help you with tasks that can easily be done off-site freeing up your time for what it is you do best in your business.
Wishing there were days that you had an assistant? Hire us when you need us to offload errands and other small jobs so you can focus on where you provide the most value.
Need an unexpected errand run? Don’t want to wait for the cable guy? We offer a number of services that help you in a pinch.
Let us take the hassle out of the holidays! Enjoy the season with less stress by letting us handle these tasks.