27 Oct 2017

Retail Revamp

We can help take your business from drab to fab! Organizing and staging isn’t just for the home owner. We recently revamped this showroom area for a local business in less than four hours!

16 Oct 2017

Home Staging

A well staged home sells faster and usually at a higher price! We specialize in helping you declutter, depersonalize and stage your home with your current furnishings to help you show your home in its best light. We can help make the pending move easier, help you pack smartly and efficiently so that unpacking is a breeze. Help your house stand out in a very active market!

23 Jun 2017

Office Organization

Are you so completely busy that you can’t find the time in you day to tidy things up? In this example, six people share a very small office. As they are all very busy (building fantastic websites like this one)– the tidying up was falling by the wayside and eventually in need of some help to get things back in order quickly. Now they have an environment that is neat, tidy and inspiring to work in!

21 Jun 2017

Holiday Decorating

Decorating for the holidays goes beyond just having a tree. Contact us if you would like a spectacular mantle scape, table scape, garland, wreath or something special for a little holiday flare. Want to deck the halls of your office or business for the holidays, we can do that as well. Pictured here are several examples.

21 Jun 2017

Christmas Trees

Do you love the splendor of the holidays, but find you just don’t have the time or energy to put up a tree? Schedule us to work some holiday magic for you. It can be as simple as us purchasing and setting up the tree, purchasing decorations or you can have us do it all – It’s not everyone who can say they have a Christmas Tree by Steve. Shown here are a few of Steve’s creations. Some people swear he is part elf!

01 Jun 2017

Basement Organization

Life happens! When you are a busy family with a toddler, the basement can become a lost cause – one of those projects that you put off until you have the time. In this instance the family is very active – but necessity often dictates change. This busy family faced with the arrival of child number two realized it was time to conquer the basement. One of the motivating factors was finding all the baby stuff for the pending arrival that was scattered throughout the basement. With some hard work and professional guidance the basement was reclaimed. Goal accomplished. Order restored from the chaos.