11 Sep 2017

Are You Ready For Fall?

FALL – there I said it – that four-letter word that seems to be creeping up on us – I feel like I’ve just found my summer groove and now that other season is almost here – the back to school sales are behind us and the stores are transitioning to pumpkins, chrysanthemums and cinnamon sticks. Just because the temperatures will be cooling and the days grow shorter there is still plenty of opportunity for projects and tasks to keep you organized!

As you wind up the summer season it is time to start preparing your home for the winter months. Now is the time to review the goals you had for summer. What projects have you started that need to be completed and which are you postponing for next year. I’ve learned to break larger projects into tasks that can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes – I find by doing this I have a greater sense of accomplishment and get more done. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

Beyond wrapping up your summer projects, what can you do in the fall to help you be more organized?

I start with some basics. Is the garage in good order? What items do I need to be preparing for storage and setting aside for the season? What items do I need to be getting out to use in the months ahead? This is a good time to identify what lawn and garden equipment needs to be serviced or replaced. You might not do it immediately, but you can schedule service appointments and be on the watch for end of season sales that may have items you need. Most of the larger retailers are slashing prices as they make way for holiday merchandise to hit shelves.

Fall is an excellent time to spruce up the interior of your home. Do you need to do some deep cleaning in specific areas? You’ve got the kids set for the upcoming school year, how about tidying your home office. Clean out files, organize paperwork, make sure you are well stocked with paper, pens, pencils, paperclips and all the other essentials.

As we move inside from outside liven things up a bit with new dish towels and placemats – ones in warmer tones that reflect the season. Change out throw pillows in the living room or master suite to give things a new look. Perhaps it’s time to create a welcoming scene on your front porch or landing.

Go through your clothes as you transition to warmer threads. Before you pack away the summer items sort through them and discard those that are no longer up to par. Make a list of the items you need for the next season.

Refresh kitchen utensils and gadgets as you shift from camping and picnics to entertaining in your home. Be sure your pantry is stocked and organized as baking season draws closer.

It’s not long till you’ll be tailgating and planning your Halloween parties. What items do you need to be collecting for your ghoulish delights? It’s never too early to start planning costumes, researching recipes and lining up craft projects for the kids’ parties.

The key to success here is being proactive and preparing yourself for the season ahead – if you are organized, have the right tools and accessories you are ready to take on projects – whether planned or last minute – and enjoy this magnificent time of year!

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